Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ambarka - A haven for Studio Pottery

This one is for my potter friends – Ambar Agnihotri and his lovely wife Monica. Both are die hard studio potters who love experimenting especially with the firing, colours and glazing. They are passionate about designs, about getting the right dimensions and both believe that the ultimate pottery product is a gift of the kiln. Ambar is a trained NID designer who sketches meticulously, finishes it gives it shape and then turns it on the wheel. Monica is a natural who works straight on the wheel. Together they have created a unique line of utility products of theirs called Maatika. It is sold from their little home run gallery called Ambarka. Of course, Ambar says, “yeh Monica ka bhi hai”.

The couple sell a beautiful range of products both utility and one of a kind piece of pottery art. They specialize in stoneware pottery. The utitlity range includes cups, mugs, bowls, soup bouls, spoons, plates, serving plates and more. There are Ganeshas in all hues, lamps, diya… take your pick given the entire range of their work. There is a crystalline series of Monica while Ambar’s Sculptural Stoneware called De-construction takes inspiration from engineering works like bridges, hence the embellishment to shape giving it a precision industrial like feel – machine signs and symbols. They also teach pottery to enthusiasts.

Go take a look at their work or the gallery and listen to both of them speak passionately about pottery. It is well worth the trip.

Location: It is located in Kalkaji, opposite Nehru Place, behind Bhairav Baba Mandir.
Timings: Call before going to find either of them there.

Insider Tip: Monica also stocks Masalas, pickles made by her parents home grown business. Check out the gallery and their collection, if nothing else, you will return reformed as a pottery enthusiast or lover.

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