Thursday, January 29, 2009

Delhi - an intro

To the uninitiated, Delhi is a global village where surprising the traditional exists in perfect tandem with the contemporary and uber modern. It has something new, everything borrowed literally from the people (who have migrated from everywhere), power, water and more…. It is steeped in history, each rule has shaped this city added its bit to the architecture, food and fashion. From step water wells, forests, tracts of green space (though fast depleting) forest like, spiritual sojourns, countless museums housing some memorable pieces to modern shopping arcades, cuisine from the world and more….. Where the art of haggling or bargaining comes of age…learn of the insider tips, places to see in visitors2delhi.

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  1. I am delighted to be your first follower. I come to Delhi once or twice a year to select a container of Indian goods for my shop. I prefer the anitques or at least old things. I usually go to a warehouse where things are collected. Possibly my suppplier goes to your market to collect pieces to fix up.

    What I cannot find and I thought there was one in Delhi, is a museum of old Indian furniture. I would like to know te name and some of the uses of old objects that are no longer used. Of course i will be interested any other secret finds you might like to post. I have found a few secret sources myself. Yours Tekla

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