Thursday, May 21, 2009

Nehru Place - shopper's paradise for IT products and wonderful fabrics

A curious mix of businesses and shops (some very attractive ones!!)
Nehru Place was touted as an alternative to Connaught Place in South Delhi. Nehru Place was envisaged as a business hub with an assortment of buildings to house top notch business establishments. Nehru Place did not emerge that way but in turn developed proficiency in a different arear computers, computers and computers and of course textiles. The area can be called a poor replica of Connaught Place, though off late World Trade Tower and several other well maintained new buildings are attempting to change the landscape. What however developed was a market complex with some unique offerings. These are:

1. Computer & computer related products – all kinds hardware, software, computer peripherals, accessories...and anything else related to the electronic gizmo world is available here. All top brands have their showrooms here. In the unbranded era, this was the ultimate place to pick up an assembled computer and it still is. Almost all parts are available at rock bottom prices. One has to hunt though with a wide eyes and ears! It is the unbridled king of software. Everything that has been ever developed is available. Even without bargaining one can get a price difference of 10 – 20% easily.

2. Excellent (DTP) Desk top processing operators. It is ideal place for DTP work.

3. Fabrics, Accessories, Laces and more… Another interesting aspect which developed was the traditional cloth merchants from the Chandni Chowk area migrated to this place to cater to the export market. Most of these shops are located at the far end of Nehru Place towards Mansarovar Building. The variety of fabrics available is mind boggling. Handloom, powerloom, mill made jostle for space offering tussar, silk, cotton, georgette, prints, crepes… The offering follows international trends.

4. It has a couple of old book shops and dealers.

Location It is located in South Delhi and is at a distance of about 20 odd kms from Connaught Place. A left turn from the Moolchand Flyover and a straight drive beyond LSR (Lady Sriram College) will deposit one just in front of the place.

Timings – The place is closed on Sundays. The best time to be in the place is after 11:00 am when the place swings into action and closing late after 7:30 pm. Parking lots are designated all around the place - is extremely problematic and requires much grit!!

Highlight – With some computer related items these are available at nearly 50% of the prices available in showrooms, as long as you know how to bargain it right! No, these are not fakes, it is possible to get a bill with warranty. It just works akin to a wholesale market. Well connected with Banks, Post Office and houses good many businesses.

Insider Tip – This place is ideal to ferret out good fabrics and excellent bargains in computer & related accessories – as long as you know what you want and cannot be mislead on it. It is not the cleanest of places, just brave the exhaust fumes of gensets, smell of food being cooked, touts selling their ware on the footpath, it opens up a new world. It has some extremely affordable, delicious places to eat. Almost all the eateries serve good food.


  1. Could you describe the "old book shops" in more detail? What kind of old books, prices, that sort of thing. Tekla

  2. Hi Tekla,

    Welcome aboard. Shopping in Delhi should unveil more secrets to you especially the kind to be seen on your website, as this blog develops further. Njoy reading!

  3. Delighted to hear from you, I had given up and was thrilled to find you in the junk stream.

    So two things I will be looking for when I come to Delhi probably in July. The used bookstore as I mentioned, and a furniture museum. I buy antique pieces that have been used in the past. But the new generation of sellers cannot tell you how or for what they were used. IE. I bought some 4 legged round boards that might have been sometimes used to roll chappati, but these ones had 4 square edged spikes sticking out. In Western use they looked like you might secure a huge piece of meat on them for carving, but I couldn't see how that would work either. The seller had no idea.

    I would also like a column on Indian woods used for carving, utensils, furniture. I ask my7 dealer "what kind of wood is that 8foot Ganesh carved from? "Oh, very good wood!!" "Yes, I am not questioning the quality of the wood, my customers like to know, what kind of very good wood"?

    I am also interested in old shrines and alters if there is a collection anywhere.

    Thank you for your post, I look forward to your next blog. Tekla #1 follower

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