Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekly Market in Delhi - Sunday Market at Kamra Bangash, Chitli Kabr

Kamra Bangash, Chitli Kabr is a well known place for some beautiful handicrafts and eateries. Kamra Bangash is located behind the Jama Masjid area. To go Chitli Kabr, Kamra Bangash one traverses the bylanes behind Darya Ganj and it is confusing but ask around and you shall reach. To confess I love shops and markets; it is where the city comes alive. The bigger disparate the market, the better – as there is this sense of adventure the excitement of finding something novel and different.

Our discovery of this Sunday market was by chance. It was in search of a zardozi craftswoman a resident of this area that my friend and I chanced upon it. I had dragged her promising a treat at the Paranthewali gali later. Being unfamiliar with the area, we were taken by her son, a very talented artist himself through the by lanes. Narrow and quaint, one look at the market, and we said in unison, we will explore it later after meeting the craftswoman. What unfolded was shop after shop each laden with fabrics, zardozi, jewellery, shoes, bags, knick knack, zari and more…quaint. The Sunday bazaar is a must do for the ladies of the area so you guessed it right, the ware is heavily bent towards the feminine class. Of course it is very crowded as the entire area seems to descent. There is plenty of yardage available in the form of sarees, suit, just fabric and dupattas. The prices very very reasonable. Zardozi fabric and material abound, glittery and bright. The typical georgette, satin, chiffon material with plenty of glitter is what can be seen in shop after shop. It is also a paradise for fruits, vegetables incredibly fresh and very affordable prices. Shoes, slippers as also jewellery. The jewellery is a kind of paste made in brass or copper and polished to look like gold. It is studded with coloured stones and is extremely popular. The range is incredible. Most of the jewellery is made in the by lanes of the market. Silver jewellery is also available in plenty.. Apart from food joints which abound, one does get a host of rice papads in various shapes at very reasonable prices. Old vessels, book shops may as well be there, one though needs to look.

Location – Approximately 8 kms from Connaught Place. Located behind Daryaganj on one side and Chandni Chowk on the other. Actually, it is sandwiched between these two places. The best is to get off outside the Delite cinema and walk it from there. Rickshaws abound but it is scary given the narrow alleys and crowd!! Turn in the first left gully or lane after Delite cinema and just take in the meandering road to the area.

– Not sure but after 10:30 in the morning is okay till 6 pm in the evening.

– This place is well known for its typical Mughlai cuisine. Dishy platters of kababs, with characteristic thick spongy thandoori rotis, biryanis….. My vegetarian palette limits the description of these gastronomical delights. Refer to Time Out Delhi where many of these eateries have been described.

Insider Tip
– The market is quite attractive and beckons exploration. Literally every nook is exploding with wares. We were able to bargain for plain cream colour cotton fabric at about Rs. 22 or so a meter. Some of the suit pieces or dupattas can easily be worked into pretty drapes, cushion covers or table runners for everyday rigorous use.

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