Friday, May 30, 2014

Delhi's Jugaad - Haryana Computers – a hole in the wall place but an excellent repair centre for mother boards, CPU and more

Obsolete in computers is an oft repeat word. With every new technology, the old not only becomes redundant, it becomes infinitely difficult to find a part or worse still get it repaired. More so finding a good repair shop which is reasonable, is efficient and understands the parts well, more so actually takes pride in the repair is next to impossible. My father, the ever optimistic usually says, there is nothing that cannot be repaired in Delhi! And his prophecy came true at this little hole in a basement in Nehru Place regarding computer repair. I had been sounded on it by a visiting Engineer who came to repair my computer. A visit to Nehru Place, Modi Tower to be precise and then making one’s way to the basement. Believe me, it is one place anyone will happily avoid. It is neither plush or sophisticated, entirely basic. However, there are plenty of hardware, software, stationery and photocopy shops in the basement. Haryana Computers is run by Girija Shankar Singh and he works diligently with two of his assistants out of a 10X6 ft or so space. The fact that in the surroundings he can find all spare parts and actually get a computer working in a jiffy is unbelievable.

Location – Nehru Place is around 17 or so kms from Connaught Place. Read the post on Nehru Place shopper’s paradise for IT products and fabrics for further information on the place. Modi Tower is located behind Paras Cinema theatre. It is one of the old classic cinema halls surviving ole fashioned way unlike the modern PVRs and DTs. The address is : B-8, 98  Hemkunt Tower, (Modi Corp.)Nehru Place.

How to get there -  Very well connected by the Metro, Buses, Autos, Taxis… Parking though is a nightmare. 

Highlight – The shop is much sought after for repairing lap tops especially mother boards and all cards. The way mother boards are brought there to be repaired and sent back is amazing to watch. How he remembers what came from where and not loose a single part is simply incredulous. They do not do doorstep service. One has to cart the computer to their shop. It is well worth the trouble in my opinion.

Insider Tip – Do not reveal this, I had gone to him to get my PIII going!!! It had a lot of data which had to removed before the comp could be found another place. I am not sure what was the problem but some spare parts which were “bloated”, voila the PC was working. A bit of pleading, a promise to be written about here, he copied the data on to my external HDD and deleted all the files. Am I happy, you bet at a very affordable price too!!! When waiting, you can indulge at the Revlon company outlet on the ground floor of Modi Tower. They have a lot of combo offers with free gifts which is not available in the open market. Also the entire range is on display with free testers.

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