Friday, March 20, 2020

Value for money Craft shop in Delhi - INTACH Shop at INTACH – Lodhi Estate,

Our series on some unusual shops in Delhi

What do you do when grounded due to the Corona virus – well start writing on all the posts that you wanted to write but could not squeeze given your busy schedule. This writing is also theraupetic as it helps me re-coup and remember the wonderful time spent in these shops…So here goes…one my favourite blog posts.

I am an inveterate shopper. No, not a spend thrift but a thrifty one who can hunt good bargains, roam around looking for some unusual bargains. The mantra – good quality, good or unusual design at a good price. Yes, Warren Buffet’s mantra for investing in a company – a great company at a fair price rather than a fair company at a great price..

In this process of bargain hunting, I have come across unusual shops, which stock some wonderful products rarely available in other places. The products make for great gifting options. The first of the series is INTACH shop

It is called The Heritage Crafts Cell. This shop is a steal. Little known, but stocks some amazing stuff. It is located inside INTACH’s office. As one proceeds from the road to the left from WWF, it is located at the far corner, next to Alliance Francise. Since INTACH’s office is located in the same building, the usual bustle in a shop is missing. It is more like a quiet office. The interesting architecture of the interiors of INTACH is an added attraction. The shop has been carved from a small space but let that not befool you, it is stocked with some rare finds. The shop window attractively displays pieces. The front has a little book case and other memoraphilia stocked.

INTACH leads in the preservation of heritage and culture, the stock is of craft curios from across the country. There are beautiful lamps cast in bronze at very affordable prices, stoles, tiles, wooden blocks, tiles, publications by INTACH, books, terracotta objects, lacquer work…..The products are produced through the INTACH’s Craft Development Projects. The proceeds from the sale are used for the purpose of craft development and conservation.

Shop Timing – 10 to 5:30

Highlights – There is a quiet ambience. It is there probably in all buildings and offices at Lodhi Estate. With India International Centre and Habitat leading the way in quietude and open architecture. The area harks back to the era when things were laid back. There is the Lodhi Garden adding to the area. The toys, books and various items are available in a variety of prices, apt to suit every pocket. A very friendly cooperative staff which goes out of the way to find pieces. INTACH members get a discount on the purchases.

Insider Tips  - My favourites are the metal lamps in various sizes made of bronze. It is gorgeous and comes at attractive prices. There are a couple of excellent books on cooking – heritage and building crafts.

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