Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Matka Peer Baba

This religious place, a must stop for pilgrims is located on the Purana Qila Road, strategically next to the Crafts Museum bang, on the main road. While traversing this road, before the Delhi zoo, one can see a tree with plenty of pots hung inverted. These are offerings made by devotees whose wishes have been fulfilled. For the followers irrespective of their religion, believe that all “mannat” done with a pure heart are answered. Buses carrying loads of pilgrims stop here for the blessing and where followers make their offerings. Others simply walk in for a quick prayer. The Matka Peer Baba is actually called Hazrat Sheikh Abu Bhakar Tusi Edri Kalandari Matka Peer Baba. The saint came from Iran and possessed miraculous powers of healing. And it is to this date that believers hold to this faith. In the event one’s prayers are answered the offering is a matka, yes an earthen pot made by the humble potter.

Location – On Mathura Road, at the corner of the turning to Bhairon Singh Marg.

Timing – No fixed timings opened throughout the day. Parking can be done in the Bhairon Singh Marg lane.

Highlight - At the foot before the stairs, one can buy the offerings or chadawa. It is two thalis (plates) of offering containing - fragrant rose petals, incense sticks and sugar coated offerings. The thali is sold as a pair. This is placed at the Dargah upstairs with the covered head with a cloth. The incense sticks are lit in a separate place meant for it.

Insider Tip – The musicians belt out harmonious melodious music, which literally transports one to another world. And it is difficult to believe that one is in the same mad metro. Though the shops below sell only indigenous sweet smelling rose petals as opposed to the export variety one gets everywhere in the market, somehow it smells even more wonderful here. It is this heady smell of roses which greets one at the entrance.

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