Thursday, February 20, 2014

Apparel Markets in Delhi

Delhi may seem cosmopolitan, westernized as the capital of the country but if one were to look beneath the surface, it is still one urban / rural melting pot village. So it is not unusual to see wholesale cloth markets which seem to be sourcing points for the entire country and even the world. The sampling markets of Nehru Place where fabric for sampling for spring/summer and autumn/winter first make their entry. The market is also one which is increasingly catering to the domestic apparel makers and furnishing dealers. Apart from Nehru Place there are several other well known pockets which are manna for wholesale purchases. These range from fabric, apparel, accessories, jeans, denim, hosiery… it is a wonder how a city can actually develop such pockets. This starts another journey or series into these apparel markets in Delhi. Nehru Place has already been covered. Come join the journey of going through the bylanes of these markets.

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